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Firm up 3 TIMES FASTER - with resistance bands!
This simple move sculpts your arms 3x faster than weights alone!

By combining resistance bands with traditional weights, you can gain not twice but three times the strength you would using only dumbbells! That's because bands work your muscles at full range of motion, targeting parts that are often missed by free weights. Combine bands with dumbbells, and you get a smoother, more consistent muscle engagement over the entire exercise.

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Twice a week is all it takes!
You don't need to clear your calendar to become slim and fit.

Strength training three times a week only gives you a slight advantage, so don't feel guilty if you can only squeeze in two. You'll gain exactly the same amount of metabolism-boosting muscle as you would in three sessions a week, according to an 8-year study of more than 1,600 exercisers. For details, see page 65 in your FREE-Preview Book!

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Tone Every Inch today!
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says Merry B., who shed 11 pounds and 6.5 inches working out just 30 minutes a day.

On the Tone Every Inch program, Prevention reader Sherri Dunham lost nearly 4 inches in just 8 weeks. "I had this belly fat I couldn't get rid of and it feels tighter now," she says.

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Tone Every Inch includes delicious, metabolism-revving recipes to fuel muscle sculpting and help you feel satisfied. Plus, new research shows that eating a high-protein breakfast — such as our Spinach and Feta Omelet on page 211 — actually switches off your brain's reward-seeking behavior, so you're more likely to reach for an apple instead of a cookie.

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